Program Name:

Ambassador drive program


  • To get 1 male & female student from each class of every College & University.
  • To market our brand to their respective colleges.
  • To help us in events and expos in their respective University.
  • To help us in designing marketing strategies.
  • To help us in designing social media contents
  • To plan and assist creative contents that attract students.
  • To be our face in their university & college.
  • To collect contact number in their respective class and add members to groups.
  • To be a source for gathering mob in our expo.
  • To advertise our brand in their social media pages.
  • To promote our brand by presenting formal & informal presentation at expo/events.
  • To collect leads from their networks.
  • To communicate directly to our target market.


  • Promote it on social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp)
  • Promote this opportunity on google job forums.
  • Collaborate with each college and university career placement office.
  • Place a stall at University of Sargodha for almost a week.
  • Place our standee on Mall of Sargodha & other places with huge foot walk.
  • Post this add on our social media forums (counselor).
  • Place add on groups of Sargodha.
  • Advertise in hostels & places with huge students’ presence.
  • Place our add on holding board at University Road. (nearby University of Sargodha)
  • Collect lead from hod’s, lecturers, teachers & admin staff.
  • Collaborate with student clubs in charge in each university/college.
  • Connect with an NGO working with students to collect lead.
  • Creating creative social media contents and promoting with targeted campaigns. (requires unique ideas of each and every counselor)
  • Connect with bloggers and vloggers who can promote this opportunity
  • Connect with restaurant managers & owners to avail discounts for our ambassadors & team members.
  • Connect with garment brands to avail discounts for our ambassadors & team members
  • Connect with student leaders of different political parties enrolled as a student.
  • By making short videos of our counselors and sharing their experience in dunya consultant.
  • By making video of Sir Ibrahim telling students about the importance of this program.
  • By promoting our counselors so students get excited to work in this organization.


Be a part of our Campus Ambassador program. This is an internship opportunity for fresh and bright minds who want to be a future Leader. We take pride in being one of the leading students overseas educational service providers in Pakistan. Our strong presence in both major and minor cities across the country has earned us a reputation for excellence. Continuing to grow each day, we Dunya Consultant are excited to announce that we now have offices in 10 cities around the Country, a team of over 100+ counsellors, 250 ambassadors working with us globally, and have


  • Contribute ideas for creative marketing & business development strategies.
  • Plan, assist and help to compose creative social media campaigns & contents.
  • Take part in formal and informal training opportunities.
  • Utilize online platforms & industry events to identify and engage potential clients.
  • Manage and update customer relation management sheet.
  • Use word of mouth techniques and social media promotion to refer our brand to fellow students.
  • Participate in events as a spokesperson of our company. (Formal & informal Presentations)
  • Coordinate and execute campus events and promotional activities.
  • Provide administrative support to the marketing team.
  • Work independently at times that are suitable for you.

Key Benefits:

  • Best Ambassador Award.
  • Cash Prize.
  • Certificate of appreciation.
  • Special Discounts.
  • Dinner for best performers.

What You Get?

  • Learn new skills and expand your resume
  • Networking and career opportunities
  • Mentorship, Support & Guidance from our marketing experts.

Who Can Apply?

  • College Students (Grade 10 to 12).
  • University Students (Any semester).
  • Note: Student should be enrolled in College/University.
  • Male & Female both can apply.

Become A Student Ambassador

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